Dance House 2017

      Dance House 2017!!



A couple of weeks ago I, Mason Beret , Austin Creasy and many more people went to Dance House 2017 for a dance free fa,ll. The song we danced to was, ‘Can’t stop the feeling,’  by Justin Timberlake. There were lots of other dancers too. Lots of them.


To get to the Alexander Theatre, our parents had to take us (my dad took me there and Austin’s parents took him).


What we did there

When we arrived we did a quick practice (it went very well).                                

Then we got into our changing rooms to get ready ( get changed ,do our makeup and have a laugh). Outside the changing rooms I , Austin and Mason had a laugh. Suddenly it was time to perform live on stage in front of our parents…


Here are some of the children’s thought about the event:


“I enjoyed watching people dance.”



“I enjoyed dancing on the stage and watching other people.”


“ I love dancing ,it’s amazing !I enjoy dancing on stage.”


 “I enjoyed dancing on stage at dance house 2017 because it was an amazing experience.”

Rhiana J

“ I enjoyed dancing on stage !! The dance was legit !! Working with other people was fun JJ”


“I enjoyed dancing on stage and dancing with my friends dance house is an amazing place to dance I love dancing and watching what other people came up withJ!”

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