Visit to the Old Vic

Visit to the Old Vic

Judith Kerr and John Birmingham

On the day of Friday 29th September 2017 12 lucky children were able to go and meet Judith Kerr and John Birmingham, who are famous authors and illustrators of Mog the series and Mouse House. Two of those lucky children were us. We first travelled to Clapham Junction by train then we changed to Waterloo. After that, we went down the road to the old Vic, which is the place we met the phenomenal writers. Next, we went and heard their life journey and how Judith Kerr lived her 91 years and john Birmingham lived his 81.

Judith Kerr presented a mind blowing performance by telling us how her father had a life threatening problem because he was Jewish. He had to move from Germany, with a high temperature, to Prague. Then he met his family in Switzerland and they all moved to Paris in France, then to England which, was where Judith started her writing career. On the other hand, John followed the footsteps of his friend by joining the same art college as him. Funnily enough, Judith Kerr went in the same college and failed her GCSE’s when John passed his.

Overall, it was an absolutely brilliant day and everyone learnt a lot about the authors who were as interesting as scientists.

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