Teachers from White Meadows love their jobs .So today we are going around the school to ask a teacher why they like being teachers.images
The teacher we have chosen to interview is a year 5 teacher, Miss Tilbrook.
She has been teaching in this school for 11 years and she even came to this school as a student in year 4. When she started, the school was called Flora MacDonald Junior School. It turned into White Meadows in 2012.
Miss Tilbrook told us that she likes this school very much and would love for all the children to stay. We asked her, if the school was to change what part of it would she wan to keep without changing. She said that she would like to keep all the topics that we do. What she like about the school, was my next question and she answered by saying that she loves all the hard work we do in our school.
We also interviewed a pupil of Miss Tilbrook asking him why he likes her being his teacher. He commented, “I like Miss Tilbrook, because she gives me challenges .I also like her because she is a very good teacher. He also said, “My favourite thing about her is that she is very kind.

By Promise Sanderson and Sanuli Athauda

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