Meet the Warblers.

Meet the Warblers.
  • Connecticut_Warbler_b57-13-126_l_1Hi, my name is Jessica. I always wanted to be a writer about something and that has been my dream and now I am a warbler and that is the best thing. When I’m older and nearly 100 I want to have my very own book and be a teacher. When I’m at home like playing with my baby brother and my dog [Buster]. I hate police sirens and when someone has been hurt because it’s a bad situation.

    Hi I am Sanuli and I love LEARNING . My favourite colour is purple and I love cats. I really want to be  a doctor , who  studies cancer . My favourite  lesson  is maths . At home, my mum and dad love me .

           Hi my name is Promise and I absolutely love dogs. I have a dog called Bella and she is a red and white Irish setter cross border collie cross red setter. I don’t like bullies. Before I’m 100 I want to meet Taylor Swift. I also want to write at least two books, own a horse and I want to sing and produce at least two albums.

    Hello my name is Ksenija. I will be a  wonderful, new warbler. I love my family, friends and pets. My hobby is roller skating and I want to travel the world when I’m older. I hate cold and drenching weathers, however I love splashing in puddles!

    Hi my name is Ryan I love school especially English. I am the crazy one in my class with Shane and David. The one thing I hate is people annoying me. The thing I want to know before I’m 100 is when and how I’m going to die.

    Hello my name is Sandra. I will be your new fantastic warbler. I love my family my friends and gymnastics. I hate cold weather although I love snow. I also hate roller coasters because I’m scared they will break. I wish to travel the world and help people with problems.


    Hi my name is Cameron Adrian Stewart. I like sharks, pizza, cards, money and technology plus Ninjas. I hate pie (apart from mincemeat). By the age of 100, I want to benot a fan of my brother. a duelling champion for Earth.

    Hi my name is Taylor I’m am going to be a new warbler here at White Meadows. When I’m older, I would like to do something to do with maths. My favourite topic in school is maths and before I’m 100 I would like to have been sky diving.

    HI my name is Bella. I like maths and I am not a fan of my brother. Before I am 100 years old, I would like to go on a roller coaster.


    Hi,  I’m Shane. I like football and I hate Brussels sprouts.I would like to make a massive ramp before I’m 100 – for my bike!

  • Hi, my name is David. I love Furbeys. I would like to make a movie before I’m 100!
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