Planetarium Trip

space By Lily-Beth yr 5

In this article I will be telling you about year 5s amazing trip (and I should know just how amazing it was because I’m a yr 5)! Recently, the yr 5s have been a trip to the Chichester Planetarium to learn more about their topic; Space.
On Wednesday 8th February, we yr 5s went to Chichester to go to the planetariumn to observe the the planets and the stars more effectively. In the planetarium, we watched a short clip about what it’s like in the International Space Station and how you do your normal things in space! Inside there is a gift shop. The gift shop sells many interesting beautiful things for £5:00 or under. Here are some things people said about it:
Lacey said “My favourite part was the dome because I liked the show of the night sky.” Year 5 had a fabulous time and we recommend it as a place to visit.

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