Rock Star Times Tables!


At  White Meadows, we have started practising our tables on an amazing website called Rockstar Challenge, which all children and adults enjoy.  We all fight our way to the top of the leader board. This activity can be done at home and at school.  Our minds are full of intelligence at school but they can too at home when we use this app. We love learning our times tables because of this website, which will also correct you, and you then may learn from your mistakes.

“It helps me with my times tables and division to get quicker. Also, I like seeing who is 1ST 2nd and 3rd.”reported Imogen  (Year 5)

“It attempts me to answer my questions quicker and to beat my score. My goal is to beat the teachers and become first.” said Stanley , also Yr 5.

As the year goes on, we will try harder and harder each day to be first on the leader board!

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