Year 4 and Year 5 Beach Trip

On Thursday 28th June, the year 4 and year 5 children from White Meadows Primary Academy went on a trip to the beach. Whilst they were at the beach they played and experienced new exciting things. Year 5 were acting out a scene of Beowolf and Year 4 were re-enacting a Roman battle – using their handmade shields and weapons.

Whilst they were down on the beach, they played in the ocean and splashed about. Some people got soaked, which was very funny and enjoyable. Once they had finished playing in the ocean they went down to the park.

At the park Year 4 and Year 5 took it in turns to collect their scrumptious ice-creams from the

cafe. The children who were waiting to get their ice-creams played at the park, where there were sandpits, swings, slides, climbing frames and a field to play football on.

After an exhausting day at the beach, sadly for the children it was time to go back to school.

Written by Kayla. ☺

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