Year 5 … Science Enrichment at TLA

Year 5 … Science Enrichment at TLA

 Science trip!


In this article we will be talking about the science enrichment visit  that year 5 went on. It took place at TLA! If you want to know more…read on!

At TLA, the first thing we did was learn about forces. Then we talked about how an apple on a table has two forces  working on it. When we did that, we tried to design a paper aeroplane what would fly the furthest. We found out that your aeroplane has to be very thin so your plane will cut through the wind.

After that, we did the paper aeroplane. We then launched  three water rockets. One was filled up to a hundred ml. The second one was filled to one thousand ml. The third one was filled to one thousand and five hundred ml. We all had stop watches. Our test was to see which water rocket stayed in the air the longest. It was funny because the first rocket was leaking so the test did not go very well but it was still very fun.

Stella said,” My favourite bit was the water rockets!”


By: Stella Morley              

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